beyond expectations
with Hermes Heritage Hotels

Today’s travelers are curious and particular about design; they appreciate the quality of provided services and comfortable stay. Combining historical features of each hotel and modern interior design, Hermes Heritage Hotels with its distinctive character creates a unique atmosphere that will revolutionize your vision of hospitality.

What makes HERMES HERITAGE HOTELS special?

High standards of service rendering

One of our basic principles is rendering of high-quality services and individual approach to each guest. To achieve the highest standards, we work together with one of the world’s leading hospitality management groups.

Unique atmosphere

Our hotels can amaze you not only with elegant design and warm reception, but also with their extraordinary atmosphere, which allow our guests to gain new experience and get a feel of local character. We’re not just creating personalized guest experiences, we’re creating places our visitors want to visit, explore, share and belong to.

Modernity and originality

We combine modern interior design with historical elements giving special chic to interior decor while meeting high standards of service quality, comfort and safety. Whether on a business trip or traveling, our guests will be delighted with luxurious interiors designed for first-class residency.

Inspired design.
Own history.
Incomparable spirit

Each boutique hotel of Hermes Heritage Hotels chain is unique. Contemporary aesthetics, individual approach and uncompromising quality in each detail allow us creating hotels incorporating the best features of such locations.

What makes our design unique?

Authenticity. History. Eclecticism.

Historical sites are reconstructed in such a way as to preserve their historical heritage and original architectural elements. Each hotel of the chain has its own history which is accentuated with stained-glass windows, coffers, artistic forging and other details found in a certain century. At the same time, interiors of all boutique hotels harmoniously combine historical elegance and modern functionality.

Creativity. Quality. Luxury.

All interior design items are selected in accordance with the common style and requirements to functionality in order to create a unique atmosphere for each boutique hotel. Interiors are designed by well-known designers and architects who keep abreast of new global trends and do their job using advanced and uncommon approach. Only designer furniture made by best Italian manufacturers is used for interior decoration.

Distinctiveness. Originality. Exclusiveness.

Each hotel in Hermes Heritage Hotels chain is exclusive. There are no two identical hotels in our portfolio. Every detail, from finishing to interior decoration of boutique hotels in our chain, is selected individually. We carefully consider and pay special attention to each detail to provide our customers with the best accommodation conditions.