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Today boutique and lifestyle hotel industry is flourishing and generates a high demand level for its services. Modern travelers don’t pay as much attention to the size and location of a hotel anymore. Now they value the style, design and unforgettable experience that a guest can gain while staying in a hotel.

Today 78% of millenials find gaining of new experience more important than obtaining new possessions. Fine taste and unique experience become new trappings of wealth.

Partnership 2

According to STR Global, the market of boutique hotels in USA has been ascending since 2008 and increases by 7.3% each year. In Europe the situation is pretty much the same with the increase by 8%. This market sector is attractive to the customers with high income and, as a consequence, to investors.

Investing in rapidly developing hotel segment in the territory of Europe is attractive due to its stability. European market is one the most reliable markets, as the Old World is traditionally considered the worldwide leader by the number of tourist trips. In this list Italy holds a special position. In 2015 tourist flow in Italy amounted to over 50 mln persons and it has been steadily increasing during the last years by more than 1 million tourists per year.

Partnership 3

“You can have the universe,
but leave Italy for me!” ©
Giuseppe Verdi

Partnership 4

Hermes Heritage Hotels is a chain of luxurious boutique hotels in the Northern Italy, which at the first stage will include 12 hotels. This chain will be created by renovation of historical Italian palazzo using the most recent engineering techniques and modern design of interiors engaging the best architectural and interior design bureaus in Europe. The chain will be managed by one of the world’s top-five hotel management groups.

Partnership 5



At the first stage the chain will include 12 hotels.
Further development envisages upcoming IPO and expansion
of the chain to 50 boutique hotels by joining of new facilities.

1 stage 2 stage
12 boutique hotels 50 boutique hotels
540 keys 2,250 keys
10,9% of annual yields 12% of annual yields